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Terms and Conditions - Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

Terms and Conditions

It is mandatory that all users who make use of our website, must in prior, go through the terms and conditions of amazon-customer-service-phone-number.com and only then start using the website for any of its services.


We, as an informational website, aim to provide educative and informative articles and blogs that help users face various technical challenges with respect to their various Amazon devices. However, we cannot always take full responsibility of all the content available on herein owing to myriad developments in technology and the brand’s own policies.


The various designs, logos, textual or graphical content cannot be replicated without obtaining prior permissions from the competent authority, which is either available on our website or may be used for promotional purposes on other platforms on the internet.


Any disagreements or legal disputes that may arise between the users and the amazon-customer-service-phone-number.com website will be handled in a court of law, which may fall under the location of the first arising of the dispute.


Many different third-party websites may promote their content using our website as our platform, in the view of which, users must take up such third-party service after consulting with the terms and privacy policies of the above-mentioned parties.

Privacy Policy

The amazon-customer-service-phone-number.com website has a separate privacy policy webpage which all users must compulsorily go through.

Code of Conduct

Every user has the right to register their views, however, in a respectable manner without crossing the limits of ethical standards. Any user found using abusive language or derogatory comments against the amazon-customer-service-phone-number.com website or its representatives, against whom strict criminal actions will be taken by the competent authorities.