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Privacy Policy - Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

Privacy Policy

This elaborates the policies of amazon-customer-service-phone-number.com in collecting device, location or personal data from every user who takes up the services of our website through our toll-free customer support number or through our live chat lines.

Data collection policies

Various categories under which we retrieve data from our users before providing our services are,

  • Personal data – the name of the user which may include first, last and sometimes even middle names
  • Contact info – email address, personal phone numbers and mailing addresses fall under this category
  • Payment info – the credit or debit card details of users willing to take up our services
  • Device info – the location and subscriptions made towards the device may be collected for informational purposes
  • Cookies – the website makes use of these in order to keep a track on website traffic and to improve the website’s usability features
  • Error reports – any error messages or error reports will be needed by the support team in order to process the user’s troubleshooting requests


The information provided to our website either through our representatives or through online forms will be safeguarded by putting to use several encryption techniques and will not be shared with any third-party in any way that compromises the privacy of the user. However, when a situation arises where we are forced to take a legal action against any particular user, then we are forced to share all of the above-mentioned details of the customers with the legal authorities concerned.